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 Wednesday, December 15

Oy gevalt. Now it turns out they've started with the DBs and we're next. The guy I talked to said they'd be on to our place in 5 days. If it takes them five days to do each one, that means...ugh. That means a cold-ass Christmas if they open it up and don't have it closed by then. And it means we have to move all those plants downstairs sooner rather than later. Happy happy joy joy. And the best part? They're taking out the sheetrock between us and the DBs, in other words, an open air connection between our two homes. SuperDUPER!

Bloody hell. I was supposed to get attuned to the next level in Reiki on the 22nd. I don't think this will be a good place to do it just then. Mrrgrgrgrhrrhrrgrhhh.

2:43 PM

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