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 Saturday, December 18

My first espresso this morning was woefully underextracted, so naturally I had to make a second double shot. And naturally I had to drink both the rejected one and the redemption one. This set me in motion at a high vibratory rate indeed. Hours later, I'm no longer bouncing off the walls, and my in box is empty, my out box is empty, my "to be filed" folder is empty, the bank account is reconciled to the penny, my sales tax figures are up to date, there's a neat stack of stamped envelopes to go out in the mail, and I no longer have anything work-related hanging over my head. Of course all the stuff I'd been dreading and putting off took no time at all to fix, like always. I wonder how old I'll be before I get that through my skull already.

Waiting for B to get home now. Dinner plans include Coquilles St. Jacques and a long walk after; I got a lot done in my coffee buzz today but the number on my pedometer is still woefully low. Besides, they have cheap coconut milk at the local crappy supermarket, so it's time to stock up!

4:46 PM

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