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 Monday, December 20

Aw, bummer, dude. I had a wild yen to volunteer at the rock and roll camp for girls this summer, and was most of the way through my pitch email where I offered my goods and services to host a button-making workshop before I realized it's a day camp, it's in Oregon, and it's happening over the week of B's birthday. The first one is the real deal-breaker for me; most of what I was hoping to get out of the experience was a nice week of summer camp. I was okay with paying my way to Portland and donating time and supplies, but if I can't get my sleepaway on, it's not worth it. I saw a sign about it in a shop window in Hoboken and thought there might be a local version, but apparently I was mistaken.

More updates: It's brass-monkey-gelding cold out today, so my Reiki attunement has been rescheduled, probably for next week. Finger is still swollen but I'm going to take core class tonight anyway. I probably won't be able to grapple until next year, though. My kickboxing gear should come in tomorrow; I ordered it through the school so I get an employee discount and don't have to pay for shipping, so that's nice. What else. The tree-trimming party was pleasant as always, and I found and placed all the important ornaments in prominent locations. My Atkins-friendly offerings went over very well. Okay, time to rotate the laundry (which I'm mostly doing to warm up the house) and fill a couple of button orders.

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