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 Thursday, December 30

As promised, photos. These are taken from more or less the same vantage points as the ones from yesterday. I guess once the structure is up, it goes pretty fast; in the time I was up there schmoozing with the guys they put in about half of the roof panels, and they're probably done with the whole roof by now.

The four windows along the front there will all open. There will also be windows that open to the right of the door (over the stairwell, about where the door used to be), on the far side, and a climate-sensitive automated ridge vent at the very top. You can see the support where that will attach in this photo.

The whole top is very slightly tinted and mirrored to cut down on the UV a little bit, but the sides are all gonna be clear and bright. It's too exciting. I asked whether there was any chance they'd be done enough to take out the plywood by tomorrow, but unfortunately the answer was no. Pity.

4:15 PM

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