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 Friday, November 19

Wow, where the hell have I been? Not anywhere, really. Just keepin' on, not much to post about.
I'm converting a lot of files I'd borrowed from my friends on the Internet, from Windoze Media Virus and Fucking Ogg and Fucking MPC formats to the MP3 I prefer. Yes, I know it's lossy, but half the stuff was recorded in the '50s anyway so who cares. Stay tuned to RFF for lots of new fun stuff in the next few days.

Still going to kickabutt, hand and shoulder still injured. Every grappling class I go to makes me realize how little I know and how woefully underprepared I will be for the thingy on the 5th, but whatever. It's all about the experience, humiliating as that is sure to be. If I get a single point I'll be jubilant.

Still working at Tiger a few days a week. I've completely reorganized the uniforms and the belts, made up inventory forms, and have made it my personal business to be sure the women's locker room always has enough toilet paper. I have a lot of free time there, and anything is better than making no-show calls. For someone like me who can't pick up a phone in real life, it's a nightmare to have to work through long lists of people who didn't make it to class and chide them for not calling. Fortunately, 80% of people aren't home in the afternoons when I call, so it's just me and the machines.

What else. Still waiting on the Ohio recounts. Good job by the Greens to get back in the left's good graces.

The solarium project marches on. They've torn down the second one, and we have a schedule which implies that our roof comes off on the 13th. We'll see if that happens. The second unit is the unoccupied one, and I'm bitter and resentful that the absentee owner is getting hers done before us. I'll get over it.

Boring, boring, boring. Let's just say no news is good news and leave it at that.

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