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 Wednesday, November 3

Well, you could look at it a few different ways. Red state vs. blue state, faith-based vs. reality-based, rural vs. urban. I personally see it as stupid jesus-freak cowfuckers vs. people with half a goddamn brain in their heads. Pathetically, there are a lot more of them in this country than there are of us. (Kudos to Pennsylvania for being in the "us" column this time around, and thank you.)
The reasons we aren't moving to Vancouver right now are:
  1. family: B's dad needs him around these days. I have family here, too, of course, but I also have family on the West Coast so to me it comes out about even.
  2. our house is too great to leave, and getting greater. Construction crews have already ripped the solarium off Unit 8 and have been rebuilding the roof and knee wall. They're working their way over to our unit; it's really going to happen. That, and we're replacing our whole heating system in the next week, so we should be pretty cozy this winter.
Radio Free Foomart will be playing all blues for the rest of the day while I try to figure out what to do. On the positive side, I'll have four more years to sell my anti-Bush buttons. I was looking forward to taking that page down today with great fanfare, but instead I'll fill the orders that have already started to come in in force. The other good thing is that when I'm angry or upset I tend to react by cleaning, a fact my college roomates learned to exploit to their advantage. Now, if you'll excuse me, the drawers in the bathroom cabinet aren't going to scrub and organize themselves.
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