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 Wednesday, November 24

There's a great big imaginary goose egg on my forehead from where I got bonked by the karmic boomerang. I started off the day okay in the karmic bank, making a bazillion peace and love buttons to barter for a haircut. As always, I gave her more than I needed to, knowing she'll give them away and spread a little bit of happiness around. So that was good, and then when I got off the light rail I gave my ticket to someone; they're good for 90 minutes so after my 5-minute ride I always try to leave them somewhere where they'll be found by someone who can use them. So that was good. But then I found six dollars at Ye Vitamin Shoppe and "split" the find with the cashier, but I knew full well I was keeping a 5 and giving him a 1. So my payback was that they tested me for my yellow belt at the END of a strenuous class and I couldn't do the pushups I needed to. Darn. I was hoping I'd get it before Fangsgiving. Oh well, I'll have to be cosmically good over the holiday, eat lots of protein and suck a can of spinach through a pipe before I go in there on Saturday.

I suppose it could be argued that all the animal flesh I've been eating lately has also been deducted from my karmic account, but sorry, Bossie, you're delicious and carb-free. Urp.

7:41 PM

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