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 Sunday, November 14

The morning found me out in Elizabeth at the big sports complex there, watching the black belt tests. Our school had one person going for her black belt, one instructor getting his second star (an intermediate stage between first and second degree black belts, and Sensei getting her third degree black belt. Sadly, the black belt candidate didn't pass, due to what she admits was a stupid mistake on her part, but she did great on all the rest of her stuff and will certainly get it in February. I'm glad I went; for one thing, the competition I'm going to be in will be held at the same place so it's good to have been in the venue before. And besides, some day that's going to be me up there getting my black belt. Maybe not the first time I test, though; apparently the vast majority of candidates don't pass the first time through. Everybody sure does want to, though.

We were supposed to go to Trader Joe's this afternoon, but our traveling companions blew it off, to my great disappointment. Guess I'll pop down the hill and get some eggs then. I've still never been to a Trader Joe's and think this is very wrong indeed.

3:29 PM

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