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 Thursday, November 25

I just cooked up a goddamn storm. All that work, time, money, sweat we put into that kitchen? Was worth it. It's a fine, fine working kitchen and I just rocked it like a hurricane. I made a couple fairly elaborate dishes to bring up to Thanksgiving—yeah I used every dish in the house, yeah I cleaned them all up—and yeah I decided to make one more thing to bring. Used every dish in the house again, cleaned it all again, and you'd never know I just spent hours in there, other than the intoxicating aroma, caressing your nose like a familiar voice singing sweetly in your ear.

I know it sounds ridiculously domestic, and I assure you I'm not basing my self-worth on getting my whites their whitest or anything, just appreciating the shit out of our kickass professional-grade kitchen. There are one or two bugs that still need to be ironed out, and I need to get one of those pie crust shield thingies, but damn it's a pleasure to have enough prep space and the right tools for each job. It's also irrationally gratifying to me to be able to bust out a triple-layer pumpkin cheesecake with pecan praline crust, a batch of pumpkin bars with maple walnut icing, several individual crustless pumpkin pies for us when we get back, and a "bacon"-cheddar cheesecake which causes socks to fly dangerously off the feet of those who try it. All vegetarian, all sugar-free, all Atkins-friendly, and all made with ingredients I had in the kitchen already. Eggs? Three dozen on hand. Cream cheese? Got a fresh three-pound block. Heavy cream? Got quarts and quarts. Pecans? Walnuts? Pounds of 'em. I roam the aisles of BJ's way too often...and this is why. How ya like me now.

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