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 Monday, November 1

Home at last after a delightful whirlwind trip to Massachusetts. First we went to the ff's house for a quick visit. It was good to see them some time other than Thanksgiving; there are always dozens of people and lots of chaos then so it was a fine peaceful visit with lots of Nation crosswords for me to do.

Then yesterday we made the trip to Springfield for the legal-only-in-Massachusetts punk wedding of our pals A and J. They were married by a bishop friend of theirs, who was resplendent in his devil costume with the cutest John Waters pencil mustache ever. All the guests, wearing their choice of costume, black, or plaid (I wore my gorilla suit), formed a circle with the brides in the middle and the bishop/devil made a brief speech about civil rights before pronouncing them married in the quickest ceremony ever. They locked chains around each others' necks instead of rings, embraced to great applause, and then the party got started and didn't end until many hours later. The food was vegan, the music was loud, the beer was Belgian, the cake was plaid. A fine time indeed and worth the trip.

Oh, and please vote for Kerry, particularly in Pennsy.

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