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 Wednesday, October 27

Yeah, I'm working a lot, but making the time to take kickabutt classes evens it all out and makes it all worthwhile. Tonight was a good sweaty core class followed by a grappling class where there were three women: me, the best-smelling grapplin' gal ever (she uses Lush products!), and a pretty, svelte blonde named, I kid you not, Heidi. Both of the other women were red belts so it was a serious workout and I feel like a million bucks right now, all post-sweaty and vascular. It's amazing how my lack of sleep affects me all day at work yet simply evaporates by the time we've done our warmups at the dojo.

I got a new bag, French army surplus, and it's got a perfect iPod pocket on the side so I've been carrying it around a lot more lately. Interestingly enough, in the mornings all I want to listen to lately is devotional music. Nothing I can understand, of course, I would hate that, but stuff like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Angelite and such Missas as Luba and Criolla. Somehow that's the perfect music for the Path train. Don't know why that is. Once I get to work, my tastes change. Lately it's been a heavy rotation of the new Tears for Fears record. A couple of songs (Call Me Mellow, the title track, a couple others) mentally take me back to Portland, at a time when I was digging the place. They're all songs I heard for the first time at the sound check and then the free concert that evening, so I have kind of a warm spot for them. Other than that, I keep finding myself listening to the new pretty bands: Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, that sort of thing. Very weird; normally I can't work on text and listen to music with lyrics, but I've been doing lots of charts and graphs so I guess that side of my brain isn't really engaged. One other musical note (HAW!): re Eminem, I'm not too impressed with Mosh as a song; I like the Pee Wee Herman one better, but I'm glad he's putting his weight in the right place, however briefly and broken-clock-like. He's still a douchebag most of the time, but good on him for this one.

What interest is any of this to anyone but me? I haven't the faintest idea. Please vote Kerry.

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