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 Friday, October 8

Unbelievable. I just read a thing on MeFi about the question of whether or not Dumbya has an earpiece with a voice in his ear telling him what to say. Question? Is this really a question? Isn't it common knowledge? I thought that was the excuse that the Bushies gave for his speaking "style", i.e. "no, he's not a complete fucktard, he's just listening to the earpiece" kind of thing. It's the only thing, other than utter fuckwittedness, that would explain the gaps, the long, long dead airspaces where he reaches and reeeeeaches and searches his soul for le mot juste ... and comes up with "good." I never for a moment thought he didn't have an earpiece. I mean, the guy can't read, how could he read a teleprompter? Amazingly enough, the Bushies deny it. Wowzer. The best thing is, if he wasn't supposed to be wearing one, if he's been CHEATING, which would surprise no one... well, man am I watching the debate tonight. Assuming Kerry sprouts a pair and insists that the Unelected Fraud is thoroughly patted down to be sure he's unwired, Kerry is going to EVISCERATE that motherfucker. This will lessen the pain of missing Sensei's fight greatly. I'm gonna go make a nice nest of blankets on the couch and another vat of echinacea tea, and cozy in for a nice night of spit-watching.
5:38 PM

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