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 Thursday, October 14

Time just started moving a lot more quickly. I'm working all day tomorrow at the day job, then class and a seminar at the dojo, working Saturday on more day job stuff from home, FTPing all my files and leaving Sunday for Vancouver, the one tour date that didn't get cancelled. Right now, my list of things that I have to do in between those things includes: make a few hundred DG pins to sell, redo all the signage in Canadian dollars, fill all the orders that are sitting here, pack clothes, vitamins, legal snacks and passport and be ready to go. I desperately need a rehearsal before I have to do the show again for real, but I guess we'll do that in the hotel room or at a White Spidot over a Monty Mushroom something-or-other. There were also a bunch of new sonic elements I wanted to add, but, again, we'll do that on the plane or at the hotel, I guess. Oy.
11:59 PM

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