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 Saturday, October 23

I slept so late today I woke up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. It's good to stop running, finally; I needed that sleep. Too bad I missed kickabutt class, but oh well. I'll row. I am so looking forward to a home day. I've already cleaned the kitchen, what's there of it, and plan to do some massive cooking so I'll have easy munchies for the week. I also have big plans to curl up with the new books I bought yesterday (one about Krav Maga and one about cheese) and the new Cabela's catalogue, thick as a September Vogue, which makes me giddy with pleasure. I've spent hours on their website, of course, feeding my camo obsession, but there is stuff in this catalogue I hadn't even considered: moose calls, rutting buck urine, wrist rockets... it's just a world of wonder for my li'l urban self.
1:59 PM

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