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 Saturday, September 18

Wow! Hoboken was really poorly planned! The rain was pretty heavy, and Hoboken turned into Venice on the Husdon. You can see a few pix at the moblog from this morning. I was bound and determined to get to class so I just forded the roaring waters wherever I could, ankle deep if I was lucky and trying not to think too hard about where the swirling brackish water had come from. Fortunately, the rain dampened the smell of the teeming Poor Little Dude on the hill so the walk down was pretty pleasant despite the rain. The storm blew over while I was in class and now it's a clear, windy, sunny day out there. Got home, scrubbed my feet and my Tevas (I'll shower later, after my row.) Time for a little lunch and some serious working.
1:50 PM

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