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 Thursday, September 16

This morning, I got up and made myself a nice double Americano. And then I...
dumped the dishwasher, changed the baking soda in the freezer, scrubbed the sink with the old baking soda, wiped down all the counters, fed the cats, made up a batch of cheesecake ice cream from the mixture I'd cooked up last night, wanted to make some Toad Sauce but couldn't find the anchovy paste but, since I was certain I'd bought it and it was in the house somewhere, I refused to open a whole tin of anchovies so instead I baked up a batch of flaxseed muffins and then turned the oven down, then made a batch of Heroin Bars which I kind of fucked up by cooking the condensed milk too long so it was too thick to seep down into the layers but I mixed it around a little bit so it'll be fine and then I put my daily vitamins into little baggies for when I'm on the road again and then I put a big bag of pecans into the BJ's jar which formerly held cashews and then I adjusted the lazy susan in the cabinet so that the BJ's jar would fit on the shelf with the rest of the nuts and then I rearranged the whole cabinet so that all the nuts could be together on one shelf and made a mental note to bag up 1-ounce portions of nuts for the road and then I cleaned the fridge and rearranged the refrigerator door so that the ketchup would sit in there better at which point I found the anchovy paste which had been misfiled behind the sofrito so I made a batch of Toad Sauce after all and then refilled the mayonnaise squeeze bottle from the 72-ounce jar we'd bought at BJ's yesterday. We also bought an 18-pack of eggs yesterday; today there are two eggs left in the carton after all the cooking. The dishwasher is running, now that I've used pretty much every food prep utensil in the house, so I have to stop for a while and fill these button orders before I can make up a batch of chocolate ice cream to turn tomorrow morning, not to mention lunch much less dinner. Think I'll throw in a couple loads of laundry in the meantime, then backflush the espresso machine. I'm so goddamn happy to be home.
1:22 PM

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