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 Monday, September 6

That's it, no more bricks and mortar retail for me. I needed some underwear so I went to the local department store and just wasted three hours of my life buying underwear which may or may not fit. A website would allow me to select the color and fabric I wanted, saving me hours of looking through piles of panties (presumably pawed by plenty of perverts), and they'd have a sizing chart where I could pick the size that fits me instead of trying to figure out the arcane underwear sizing system where, like a Pinochle deck, there only seem to be three numbers involved, all very close together. I like the Lands' End system of sizing them based on your normal trouser size, but sadly they design for conservative women who like great acres of fabric. I'm not saying I want a thong, or those stupid low-rise ones, mind you, I just don't want big white granny panties.

I also needed a pair of shorts to bring so I can use the gym at the hotel next week. Sadly, my choices were long, loose nylon basketball shorts in size XL or XXL, or teeny low-cut hoochie shorts in size 0. Again, had I only planned ahead a little, this could all have been far more pleasant.

At least I got a good walk out of it, but I'd really like that time back. I still have to design and produce a new set of DG pins before I leave on Wednesday morning, produce a couple hundred pins for a small record company, fill any ordinary orders, get all the musical shit set up for real and try to foolproof it a little bit so I have less to think about come showtime. There are some weirdnesses with hardware and software and I think I came up with a good workaround, but we need to try it out and torture test it in the ever-dwindling time before the show. It's very possible that the whole setup will change after the Portland shows anyway; there are some other tools out there that might be better than the one we're using. Gotta download a demo and see, but there's been no time. So what am I doing? Blogging, and thinking I'll go measure out one-ounce portions of nuts into little baggies since United Airlines are not providing any food on the plane, the cheap bastards. I'm thinking kimchi, limburger, brussels sprouts, and, for the visual, a nice spread of Ethiopian food. Can't have security hassles if we don't have utensils, right?

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