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 Saturday, September 11

Tears for Fears happened after all, their first show in a dozen years. It was good to not be working it; they were, as they say, plagued with technical problems. It was enjoyable, anyway, as free concerts tend to be. B pointed out something really odd, though: there was a large crowd gathered, completely filling the square and covering all the steps and adjoining areas, yet, there was absolutely no police presence. There were no problems, either, go fig. In New York? On 9/11? You wanna talk about holding pens and mounted cops and riot helmets and zip-tie handcuffs?

We left after Tears for Fears, having spent several hours there at that point including enduring the opening acts, two earnest singer/songwriter gals who strummed guitars and recited the innermost contents of their college diaries. I had a journal too in college. The day I shredded that mess into confetti and threw it onto the field at Giants Stadium, I felt like I'd lost 10 pounds. Would that either or both of the opening acts had done the same. One of them had a song in French, mkay? Annnnyway, there was another band after TfF but we couldn't be bothered, and, like the rest of the over-30s in the crowd, split and left the square to the young men with stupid facial hair. B and I went to a Greek place with a giant purple octopus over the entrance and enjoyed cheeses both feta and flaming. Back to the hotel for a nice (decaf, free) French Press. B wanted to go BACK to Stumptown Coffee, for what would be the third time today, but it's kind of late for coffee, even their particularly excellent rendition thereof.

Oh, one other thing. A while ago this beeyotch bought a bunch of my Chinese food magnets and then wrote me a nasty letter saying they weren't the size she expected and she wasn't going to be able to sell them and she was all disappointed and all that. I offered her a refund, of course, but she never got back to me. Anyway, we went to her tacky store today and found them, surrounded by cheap Chinese chazerai. She's split the sets up and is selling sets of 3 magnets for $7.50. Dayum. No wonder she's having problems selling them. I hope she chokes on her stupid ginseng.

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