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 Tuesday, September 21

So somebody drops a bomb on you, there's only one thing to do. Well, there are two things to do, but I talked myself out of the staying-home-and-getting-shitfaced option. I dragged my reluctant ass down to the dojo and took what turned out to be a darn fine couple of classes. Core was good with lots of punching and kicking into pads, no shadow boxing, so it was very satisfying and stress-relieving. Grappling started off looking like it was going to suck; it was just me and two guys. Grappling with guys kind of sucks, and being in a group of three kind of sucks, and the two factors together just become the Perfect Suck and suck much worse than the sum of the parts. Luckily for me, Sensei talked a brown belt woman into staying and grappling with me... and I wiped the mat with her. It was pretty cool. I'm covered with bruises now, fortunately mostly on my biceps where they don't show if I have a T-shirt on. I feel great. I'm so glad I went. I wish I could remember this feeling every time I'm having trouble convincing myself to go. I think I'll do a little row, now that I'm all warmed up and stretched and stuff.
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