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 Thursday, September 30

Ok, one quick thought on the debate. Dubya cringed every time Kerry said "nuclear proliferation", but I don't think it was so much due to his lack of plan or success on that issue as much as the fact that he can't pronounce either word. I think the panicked look was just because he knew he'd have to try to mouth that phrase, and he just can't do it. (Neither can Sam Seder, I might add, and I'm glad Janeane Garofalo snapped on him.)

Back to the sweatshop. Got a lot to do. I wish I could bring my button shit to the dojo and work on it there during the loooonnnng stretches of time with nothing but busywork to do. I think tomorrow I'm going to start detailing the mat. I may only do a few square feet a day, but little by little it'll get cleaner.

Intended to do the triple today, despite having spent the morning there, but grappling class got cancelled. I'm glad I forced myself to do the kickboxing, and it was actually pretty fun and I learned some new stuff. I stashed my kickboxing gear in a locker (ssssh! not supposed to do that!) so I may actually take the classes once in a while. Having to schlep all my stuff there is a big deterrent. Ok, seriously, back to the sweatshop now.

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