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 Tuesday, September 21

It seems the promoter neglected to do any promotion in Ann Arbor. C1ear Channe1 douchebags. So here I sit, kind of glad for the reprieve since I really wasn't fully ready to go, but kind of pissed off because I missed a baby shower for a friend who's good enough that I actually would have gone. In any case, with this newly-found time I made a bunch of signage for the DG merchandise they'll be selling for the rest of the tour. All my old signs are long gone; in Portland I was stuck trying to write a pricelist on the back of a glossy photo with a rollerball pen. I think that ink is still wet somewhere. V. crappy. The new signs are a darn sight better, and will be very handy assuming the rest of the tour is still happening. I hope it is; there are a lot of cities on the list that I really do want to see or see again. (This does not include DC, which is and always will be an armpit, but you gotta take the crappy with the cool, I spose.)

I do kinda wish we'd found out about the cancellation before I'd eaten all that cappuccino ice cream affogato. At the time, I intended to stay up all night. Now, not so much. Since I know I can wait on the couple hundred pins that need making, there's no reason to keep the neighbors up with the thunking. Yet here I sit. Guess I'll go put my head down.

3:31 AM

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