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 Saturday, September 11

I sat in on the production meeting for tomorrow's show, even though I'm not working other than to sell merch. The show's going to be a complete turnaround from yesterday's meditation on genocide: a rollicking good time, I'll warrant. She's doing one song I hate, but at least two that I love and one or two that I've never heard her do before. I think it's great that the fans around here get to see two sides of her, the serious work side and the scandalous bitchy queen we know and love.

They sold lots of buttons last night, too, so I have my cut from that and the per diem burning in my pocket right now. Maybe when we're out tonight (rumor has it that Tears for Fears are playing a free show tonight--I think I'll wear my old Joe Jackson T-shirt; man, I'm a throwback!) I'll find something to spend it on. It's so unlike me to carry cash. I'm like the Queen Mum.

6:34 PM

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