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 Friday, September 3

Argh, that was frustrating. I took just one class tonight and it was all spinning kicks and jumping flying kicks and I can Just Not Do That Crouching Tiger Shit. This is one of the places where my lagging body image really fucks with me. In my mind, I'm just as heavy and earthbound as ever. I need to develop my fast-twitch jumping muscles or something, slip these surly bonds an' allat junk. Maybe I should go to more soccer games; there's always a ready supply there of young men who encourage people to jump in rows from side to side. Unfortunately, they do it by singing merry ditties about how anyone who doesn't jump is a) a faggot or b) his mother's vagina, and I usually respond by standing obstinately still to disrupt the bouncing line. Maybe I'll just get a jump rope.
9:01 PM

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