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 Friday, August 13

The DG gear has started to arrive. Lots of new hardware to configure, and there's more on its way. I've got new software to learn and older software to remember. Fortunately, I'm told it hasn't changed all that much since the olden days when I spent all that time in the studio. We'll see. I've been having fun with the sample editing software, which I think of as kind of the Photoshop of the sound world. You get to do all the cool stuff in it, and it's got the same kind of artichoke programming that makes it useful no matter how much you need from it. I'll need to get back into the sequencing, though, which would be more like InDesign, since I'm stuck in this metaphor. We'll take all the samples that have been created in various places, tweak them, then place them into sequences so they can be triggered reliably in a live situation. I haven't used this particular sequencing software since the early 90s, though, and they've added a bunch of new goodies to it, so I've got some quality time with the manual ahead of me. Then there are a couple of brand new manglers and mutilators which are just oozing with potential. It should be a pretty cool show.

I actually did take today off from kicking butt. I'm raring to get there tomorrow morning, and already a little impatient about the shin guards; I want to be well-rounded, damn it, and soon.

11:15 PM

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