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 Wednesday, August 11

Dag nabbit, I managed to leave my gi top in the locker room. Good thing it's got my name on it, I guess; hope it doesn't kill anybody who took the later classes. Now I have to schlep down there tomorrow morning so I can wash the poor stinky thing to be respectfully fresh and fluffy for my classes tomorrow. Not that I mind the walk, of course, but there are other things I'd rather do with the morning.

Fortunately, I got everything done today that had been hanging over my head. A little design thing, some button orders, a trek to the post office, a bit of online money spending, on music gear and kickabutt gear. Somehow that little bit of stuff expanded to fill the day and have me scrambling when it was time to leave, but it's alll done now, I'm home and dry and full of buffalo wings and it's time to eat ice cream. Life's good.

10:04 PM

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