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 Monday, August 16

Ah, a good day for UPS. My buddy in brown brought me some nice new stuff, including a Rapidoliner, my shin guards (yay! I will kickbox tonight!), a nice big hard drive ("Eat Moe") for my home machine, and a metric shitload of gear for DG. I installed some more RAM in her powerbook, and the hard drive in my machine, and, man, Apple's just made it easier and easier to pop stuff in. Not a speck of blood anywhere to be found on my hands, and the total time for both surgeries was under ten minutes, most of which was really spent unplugging and replugging all the crap I've got on my home machine.

So now I've got enough room for my filesharing program to go ahead and make its stupid temp files without dragging the rest of my system down. Sadly, it seems to have lost a bunch of crucial information about them after several installs and reinstalls, but I'm confident it'll be able to recover the files eventually. Worst case would be if I just had to start over with them; at least I'm able to connect to the networks again.

Ok, back to work. I've got a lot to do before I'm ready for this tour!

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