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 Sunday, January 4

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've spent the day in Digitopolis, living up to my Virgo stereotype by organizing files and finances until my little Barbie brain went poof. Math is hard! It's all pretty much straightened out now. B helped me go through the statements page by page and read off the bazillion transactions as I punched them in, so now Quicken reflects something like reality in most cases. This is pretty much only useful for the making of charts and graphs, but, hey, don't knock graphs—plotting my credit card debt onto graph paper with colored pens was how I climbed out of it once I got out of college. I wonder if I still have that paper. I'll bet I do. I only today put my 1994 taxes in the shredding pile.

Here's a great place to while away my next hiatus: The Sneeze. It's the home of the excellent
Steve, Don't Eat It and Let's Watch Cathy Sweat. I think I'm going to send this guy my idea for the Lockhorns Index. My plan was to read the Lockhorns every day for a year or so and log how often the various themes are used in the strips. What I really want to know is whether more strips are about her faults (she can't cook, she can't drive, she has bad hairdresser experiences) or his (he drinks too much, he flirts with girls, he's an asshole who bitches about the food she cooks for him and the attempts she makes to look her best). I think it might be interesting, but I don't know if have the stomach to read that thing for a whole year. But Sneezing Steven clearly has the temprament of a true researcher. Did you not see the pie charts in the Cathy thing?

The Sneeze also deserves kudos for the link they have to the best site ever, as far as I can tell. I may have to completely rethink my kitchen design; that Sodir SEM-60 is just too fresh.

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