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 Tuesday, January 27

Sorry about the radio being off and the song being stuck in that red bar up there. My iTunes library got corrupted and I'm having to rebuild all my playlists from scratch. The worst part is, all my song ratings are gone; a bunch of playlists rely on the rating and it's gonna take me a dog's age to re-rate all 14000 songs. So the blend that goes out on the radio in the near future might lack the quality of past broadcasts, since I won't be filtering on rating for a while.

I'm thinking maybe I'll start using keywords in the comments field of the tracks and use those instead. It's not quite elegant, and I won't be able to tweak them from the Pod, but at least the info will be saved with the file and not at the mercy of the very fragile iTunes Music Library like the ratings are.

1:58 PM

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