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 Wednesday, January 14

Just got my Powerball from my buddy in brown. I think I may have already overdone it, and I really don't think the rest of the evening is going to pass without me picking it up again. Fun toy! It's a bit more tricky than I expected to get it going, and I'm still a complete spaz with my left hand, but I think this will be a good thing to practice. It's got to be a more complete workout than the red-handled squeezy thing I'm using now. Granted, it's still undeniably a silly yuppie toy, but I figure since this and the yoga mat comprise the full extent of my fitness-related spending in the last five years, it's a good balance. And I'll have killer arms. I'm not stopping until I look like Linda Hamilton (minus the $500 sunglasses and implements of destruction).

Yeah, yeah, I know, but a gal can dream.
5:41 PM

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