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 Tuesday, January 13

I'm not dealing with that tax mess now. I'm trying out Yahoo Messenger, on the advice of a well-meaning friend who told me it was better than iChat. I disagree. It's knocked me offline three times already, while iChat remains rock steady.

That's the plan for this blustery evening, just pooping around on the Internet, and enjoying Radio Free Foomart. The randomizer has been on a good run tonight; I'm digging it as much as I normally would with a buzz on. I'm kind of glad I don't have one going, though. It's just the kind of night where I'd have too much wine and send inappropriate emails which would mortify me in the morning. I still don't know which is worse, saying the stuff you feel at those moments, or never saying it at all. It always seems like a good idea at the time, like I'm finally being honest—but is that the real me or is it the me with the head full of regrets in the morning? I know the chatty drunk me feels better, more like what I think I am, but what does that mean? Well, it doesn't matter, we won't be seeing her until next year anyway, so maybe I'll figure it out in the meantime. I think it involves me not being a coward in real life, or at least figuring out who "me" is and why she likes to hide at the bottom of a glass.

10:15 PM

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