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 Friday, December 19

There are three guys on a scaffold across the way, ripping down the aluminum siding from the building on the corner. It's taking them about three hammer swings per strip. In the time it took me to dump that shot onto my computer and post it, they've finished the side of the building. I think the biggest part of the job will be moving all the xmas tchotchkes out of the front yard before they can do the front of the building. They just painted that whole building a year or two ago, oddly enough. I don't think it's changed hands between then and now; I don't remember any "for sale" signs, and the holiday decorating has been fairly consistent year to year, other than the addition this year of the huge inflatable Satan^H^H^Hnta. Very weird.

Check out the other houses in the background. I'm hoping this starts a trend of ripping down the siding that's endemic to this neighborhood. Assuming they tended to just slap it up over whatever detail was there, it would really make things a lot nicer around here.
* * *
I spoke too soon. They're just replacing it with some slightly different siding. Oh well!

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