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 Friday, December 19

So it's been a lovely day. I finally got back on track with the yoga and exercise stuff and feel much better for it. I spent most of the day tweaking smart playlists so that the Pod will always feature the best possible aitch dee's worth of toons. I didn't have much use for the iTunes star ratings before, but that's all different now that they can be part of the mesh of options each song has to filter through in order to get to the Valhalla of little white ear buds. (I'll be wearing my Sennheisers, but it's all about the metaphor around here.)

I also tweaked the Throbbing Knob so that it always controls the master volume on my machine. It used to control the iTunes volume while that app was in the front, but now that the radio station uses iTunes as its source, the iTunes volume setting affects what gets broadcast, and that shouldn't vary. So now it doesn't. I also exported all the addresses out of my Palm database and onto the Pod. That will automagically update itself too, every time I plug the Pod into its perfectly-aligned base. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this sweet little thing and how much my mom rules?

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and, of course, polishing the menorah. The chappiest of Channukah wishes to all my little Jewish friends. I hope you all get iPods.

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