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 Friday, June 26

Wow! Remember when I used to have a blog?

That was awesome.
5:15 PM

 Friday, December 19

Home, home again. It's good to be back on my machine with the big monitor. I'm letting the backups run and then I will click on that little stamp in my Dock and let two weeks of emails come in. Not looking forward to that, mostly since I left with some unfinished business that I intended to do on the plane but B's laptop didn't have the software I needed.
6:07 AM

 Sunday, December 7

Venice is awesome--though we've only spent one full day here. Yesterday we went to Florence and looked at a ton of amazing art; we went to Murano before that and looked at glass. It's been lovely so far! The only problem is the lack of free internet. I'll post much more when we get to Amsterdam where the WiFi flows like water.
4:31 AM

 Wednesday, November 5

 Tuesday, October 28

Dear Verizon,
Please stop throttling my connection. I pay you big bucks for bandwidth and it would be really super duper if you didn't step on the hose every few minutes.

9:22 AM

 Wednesday, October 8

Wow, wow, wow. There really is no such thing as time. :)
3:51 AM

 Tuesday, October 7

Great day. I made a bunch of buttons for the Ukuladies, then up to Greg's to record the latest catchy ditty for Ukes for Obama, then out to see the Ukuladies at Rodeo Bar, then B located the missing file of some old tapes and I'm just a happy camper right now. Gotta love good music. It reaches across time and style and just hugs you right up.
2:55 AM

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